21 Days Cravin'Fit™

21 Days Cravin'Fit™

Go Beyond 21 Days & Make Fit Stick!
We all know it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but I want you to have lasting habits. Lifestyle changes, I believe, come from a true understanding of where you are and where you want to go. I produce winners with quick one pagers from everything to what is paleo to how much sugar should I consume? Once you understand the concepts that I've masterfully broken down, you will be better equiped to MAKE FIT STICK!

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Melt Into Your Kick-Ass Body
Food Diary

This cute little notebook is a 12 Week Healthy Meal Plan and Food Diary all in one. It is not your average Food Diary.

Food Diaries on the market now only provide pages to write down what you ate, but not detailed suggestions on what to eat at each setting.

We give you 2 meal options for:

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That's roughly 500 planned out meals. As an added bonus the book can be used in such a way to span longer than 12 weeks.

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Dallas Book Festival 2015 Velma Canaday & Dr. Robert Watts at the Dallas Book Festival

Dallas Book Festival

Velma participated as an author in her first ever Book Festival last year in Dallas.

Tulisoma South Dallas Book Festival August 28-29, 2015